Corn processing machinery to adapt to different tests and adjustments to give full play to the advantages of sieve theory


Corn processing machinery to adapt to different tests and adjustments to give full play to the advantages of sieving. High square flat sieve as a kind of sieving equipment, mainly used with grain processing equipment, take corn processing for example, corn after processing equipment, grinding materials through the high square flat sieve sieving, and then separate the qualified corn flour, but in the processing of different kinds of flour, the processing process used is different, the installation requirements of the flat sieve is also different, the specific details are as follows.

First of all, in the installation of high square flat sieve, to determine the type of products they produce, according to the product for the installation of equipment selection, in order to achieve the effect they need.

Generally, the high square flat screen of corn deep sets of equipment, the beam is in the middle of the equipment screen body, there are some individual will be installed below, and the motor is mostly in the top of the screen body, there will be some installed below.

Secondly, the flat screen must be started at a complete standstill, when the whole corn deep equipment to stop, need to stop the flat screen first, after the flat screen stop running, other accessories equipment that is broken material.

High square flat screen has most of the same number of separation bins, one of which is a three-bin square screen compartment and the other is a four-bin narrow screen compartment, which can adapt to different flow and nature of the material to be sieved on the screening flat screen to take advantage of the sieving area.

In addition, it is very important to do the correct operation and maintenance of the high square flat screen in general. For the maintenance of the flat screen, the testing and adjustment work is an important element in the process of corn flour production.

Corn processing machinery should pay attention to the movement state of the sieve body during operation, observe whether the amplitude of the four corners and the top and bottom of the sieve body is consistent, if the amplitude of the four corners is found to be unequal, the bin should be checked whether the material is blocked and the hanging device is normal; if the amplitude of the top and bottom is unequal, after excluding the influence factors such as blockage in the bin, the vertical position of the bias block needs to be checked during the equipment maintenance.

Because of the large size of high square flat sieve, starting with fault is likely to cause a large accident, once the equipment is running, troubleshooting is also difficult, so before starting, it is necessary to carefully check the hanging device of the sieve body, the barn door, the transmission mechanism, the import and export pipe connection cloth cylinder and other parts, and be prepared before starting the equipment.