Corn ballast processing equipment


Corn ballast processing equipment vigorously promote the safety management of the responsibility system to prevent to be in place! Corn ballast processing equipment in the case of reasonable operation, its high rate of peeling, reliable quality, power saving and energy saving, easy to operate. Peeling and polishing machine use of these places must be carried out with attention.

1. Proper storage, peeling and polishing machine should be scrubbed when not in use for a long time, placed in indoor storage, not thrown in the ground, the field, left to the wind and rain, so that the machine parts rust, damage, leaving unsafe hidden danger.

2. Corn ballast processing equipment installation and removal of the machine needs to be carried out by the operator, prohibit arbitrary movement and installation. The movement and installation of the peeling and polishing machine and its power machine need to be operated by skilled technicians, not by themselves. When moving, the power must be turned off first, insulated wires must not be dragged on the ground.

3. Do a good job of daily inspection, peeling and polishing machine before use corn ballast processing equipment should be carefully checked and repaired to see if the bolts are loose, whether the grain rod is intact, transmission components and other problems. Identify unsafe factors and eliminate them, and prohibit operation with disease.

4. Corn ballast processing equipment can not work overload, whether with electric motors or diesel engines for power, work can not be overloaded, otherwise there will be a great safety risks, affecting the efficiency of corn ballast processing equipment.