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Rotating Vibrating Separator

Product Description
Rotating Vibrating Separator is mainly used to clean or grade raw material. By exchanging different screen, it can clean various granular size materials, such as wheat, corn, paddy etc.

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1. For the cleaning and grading of granular material to remove the big and small impurities 

2. High overall strength, smooth rotation, large output, and good grading effect;

3. The suspension screen of universal joint,to make it works reliable and has low fault rate.

4. The homogenizing device in the feeding box can make the material cover the screen surface evenly, ensuring the screening and grading efficiency.

5. High strength and stiffness of the metal mesh, and flate screen surface

6. Horizontal and Vertical compression compressed strictly.compression and seal; The horizontal clamping of the sieve can adjusts the horizontal position of the sieve and the double action of horizontal compaction;

7. Easy to change sieves, easy to operate and easy to clean;

8. Drive modular design, the overall replacement, saving maintenance time;

9. Bearing temperature display and alarm system can be equipt (optional).

Technical data: 

Type Capacity Power Rotary Diameter Weight Dimension
  t/h KW mm kg mm
AHCTS80*160 5-7 1.5 40-50 1300 2200*1450*2100
AHCTS125*190 8-12 2.2 40-50 1500 2550*1940*2100

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